E-CLICK infrastructural base

E-Click based on the following technologies:

  • Oracle Database Server 10/11g
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle jDeveloper (Java ADF)
  • Web services
  • XML – interface module
  • Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Mozilla, GoogleChrome, etc.)
  • Security Systems (SSL and PKI – Public Key Infrastrusture)
  • Interface module – options that depend on the Bank


Oracle is the world leader in the field of relational databases. PREMIUM Software is  Oracle’s GOLD partner,
an independent software provider.

Web environment based on Java technology allows you to access the system from any computer. Maintenance of the solution is easy and centralized on central server.

E-Click is established and designed to satisfy all needs and provide flexible support of e-Banking development. Its flexibility and scalability enable rapid development and deployment of new products and services, using the latest programming tools and trends in the design of information systems:

Downsizing / rightsizing
A shift to cheaper and more technically sophisticated hardware platform appropriate to the size of business, as a result of reduction in maintenance costs of computer equipment
Open systems
Using open technologies that enable the protection of investments in information resources for a longer period (spread Linux and Windows operating systems, workstation graphics, multiplatform relational databases and TCP / IP communication architecture)
Three-tier architecture
Internet technology
De facto standards development and implementation