E-CLICK basic services

Basic services provide almost all the eBanking solutions. This set of services is included in the each distribution of eClick. The set of standard services include:

Home page

  • Insight into the all commited transactions
  • Query in the daily transactions

Domestic Payments

  • Payments from transactional and other deposit accounts
  • Import payment orders from the file
  • Patterns account for payments
  • Payment validation

Payments in foreign currency

  • Payment in foreign currency (ex 1450)
  • Schedule influx (ex 743)

Currency Exchange

  • Transfer from account to account
  • Possibility to customize exchange rates for some client

History of Exchange Rates

Archive of Commited Transactions

Download Account Statements

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • XML


  • Digitally signed acknowledgment of client instructions
  • Confirmation of the transaction
  • Other notice from the Bank

Signing Transactions

  • Signing of transactions with the digital certificate 1024
  • The possibility of two signatures of authorized persons
  • Cancellation of a validated transaction

The possibility of administering users authorized by the client