Corebanking solution

As the banking industry approaches the end of the first decade of the 21st century, banks face an increasing number of pressures in the constant drive towards greater profits and market growth while managing the accompanying risks and, at the same time,complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.
Competition in this market is still growing as international banks increase market share in new territories. We  understand the issues you face and track the pressing trends and challenges.
Core banking systems are the heart of modern banking, the banks should provide investment protection for a longer period of time and creating an environment to acquire leadership position in a very dynamic and competitive financial services market.
Most banks are operating with corebanking systems that are so old that they are an impediment to the delivery of strategic objectives.

As an onerous task, its modernisation is of vital importance. Any new solution should easily become a plug and play in a heterogeneous, rapidly changing functional and technical environment. As well as providing functionality which boosts their agility, banks require open systems that enable them to take advantage of evolution such as service oriented and component-base architectures meets those criteria.

PREMIUM Software offers corebanking software product Abacus® that addresses bank needs for both today and tomorrow. ABACUS is an open system based on modern architecture and business design, which delivers increased efficiency and streamlined business processes.

Abacus® is an integrated information system for retail / corporate banking and is the universal core banking solution.

Abacus® is designed to provide flexible support to growth and offer of its products and services through new channels of distribution. Its flexibility and scalability enable rapid development and deployment of new products and services, both for clients and for the management of the bank.

PREMIUM Software offers an opportunity to:

  1. Replace old technologies with state-of-art 3’“tier application
  2. Replace multiple disparate and older systems with a single integrated multi-product processing application
  3. Implement comprehensive, integrated-yet-modular corebanking solution that caters to all the needs of a modern bank and its multiple business segments
  4. Implement centralized data processing and handle much higher volume of transactions
  5. Enable multiple delivery channels to sell their products and services
  6. Retain and spread client portfolio
  7. Real-time monitoring of various limits across a customer’s various product exposure
  8. Developing new products based on customer’s needs in short time
  9. Reduce cost and increase efficiency and stakeholder rewards