ABACUS® success story

Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) is the largest Slovenian international financial group, and thus the largest investor abroad. By purchasing shares of four banks (LHB Banka ad Banja Luka, CBS Bank dd Sarajevo, Razvojna banka ad Banja Luka and NLB Banka dd Tuzla) NLB takes an important place at the BiH market. Business network of banks consisted of 107 branches in 80 diferent cities in Bosnia. Corebanking systems in these banks were supported by 4 software vendo.
NLB chose Abacus corebanking system to achieve the strategic goals of the BiH market, unificate technology, business, apply standards, improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness. In the period from September 2005. until July 2006.,through the implementation of 3 projects, carried out a complete unification corebanking system.
Revision of projects have been made by the Federal Banking Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Central Bank of Slovenia.
Third, the last in a series of projects was in NLB Banka dd Tuzla. NLB has announced that this project was major project in the NLB Group for 2006/2007., after the project of introducing Euro in Slovenia.
Project include:
  • Providing the necessary HW and SW (Database server 2xIBM’s P510: Cluster, AIX, farm 4 App Server, Oracle licenses)
  • Strengthening and profiling the local IT
  • GAP and FIT analysis
  • Mapping data from the old system (Abit Varazdin)
  • Testing data migration
  • Training of employees and IT staff
  • Changing the form of transaction and current account
  • 5 “stress” tests – simulating live work
  • Control and minimization of risk