ORACLE consulting and support

We are offering services for developing, maintenance and end-user support for our solutions:

  • Continuous maintenance of software library (archives of the programs and official documentation) and working on changing the application software according to the standards of the Supplier which must comply with the standards of the Client in the field of fulfillment of the contract obligations;
  • Providing advice and assistance on the second level (second level support) to authorized an advanced phone users;
  • Providing regular on-call in the Call Center Provider during normal business hours of the Client;
  • Providing regular support team on-calls for supporting Provider during business hours of support team;
  • Providing mobile support team phones for supporting Provider for emergency calls to the problems at the “Show Stopper” for non-response rate and availability;
  • Continuously providing availability and provision of the required response and the quality of maintenance and the provision of services under the definitions and standards of the main agreement which will be concluded by the both parties;
  • Solving possible errors and defects in software code;
  • Continuous monitoring of new technological innovations in relation to the maintained application software and making proposals and measures for sustained or improved functioning;
  • Continuous documenting of maintenance and submitting of their copies, including technical, user documentation and software code;
  • Providing advices to users on the client’s location during normal business hours of Provider;
  • Providing technical and content advices whose aim is having continuous functionality and relevant use of application software;
  • Providing technical support for the resolving security incidents of applications (unauthorized access, continuous or interrupted work, etc.);
  • Provide technical support on customer’s location;
  • Provision of technical support by phone;
  • Customizing the application software according to the changes made to the systems and operating systems within the capacity or the promise of the manufacturer or principals (“patches” and “updates”);
  • Customization of application software in accordance with the regulatory and legal requirements;
  • Customization of application software due to the identified security;
  • Upgrading technical and user documentation;