Coreinsurance solution

 What is PREMIUM?

  • Coreinsurance solution for agile and digital insurance
  • An end-to-end solution for commercial insurance
  • A unique and unified platform that brings you an innovative environment and connect your company with new technologies, service providers, partners and customers, helps you adapt to change in the time of digitization
  • Modern digital solution for insurance companies that makes running business easy. Built on the best industry practices, it combines comprehensive features in a single platform. It delivers an innovative environment that connects organization with emerging technologies, partners, service providers and clients
  • PREMIUM provides the capability to streamline business processes and manage changes effectively for non-Life and Life insurers
  • PREMIUM supports the whole life-cycle of insurance product starting from configuring products, providing offers and concluding policies, managing claims, reinsurance, coinsurance, and collecting the money to the regulatory reporting. PREMIUM is a powerful solution that ensures the transformation of business models, the digitization of all insurance products and their faster entry into the market.


  • Configurable solution

PREMIUM allows you to configure all aspects of insurance products: coverage, insured objects, limits, deductibles, risks,  conditions and clauses. It also provides configurations for definitions and rules in other modules. You can implement changes quickly and conveniently

  • Best practice

We deliver a solution with preconfigured functions that is the result of best practice. You can freely modify these configurations to meet your specific needs

  • Open platform

Ready to integrate PREMIUM is a gateway to emerging digitalization of insurance industry. Platform services, functionality and custom configurations come with RESTful API, allowing systems to interact with third parties

  • Cloud-ready

You can deploy and run PREMIUM on-premises or in Cloud computing infrastructure