Core insurance solution

PREMIUM is an integrated information system for supporting business processes in insurance companies. The solution allows the efficient management of all areas of insurance business, including defining products, offer presentation, underwriting, policy operations, processing of claims, fund management, settlements, reserve calculation and reporting. Thanks to its modular structure and unique flexibility, the system can be tailored to individual needs and requirements, including the individual life cycle of business processes and the specific nature of a particular insurance company.

PREMIUM provides IT support for all types of insurance through the recording of data that are necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations of the company due to customers, as well as data that provide accurate technical and statistical reports for the needs of the association of insurance organizations and management. You can monitor the activities of organizational units of the company: the company level, branch-offices, sectors, …

PREMIUM is very easy to implement. It provides a modern, intuitive, browser-based user interface (UI). The UI is designed to boost productivity and improve usability and user orientation, while keeping key data on-screen as users work. PREMIUM has multilingual UI.

The system was not developed for the needs of any particular business entity, but the identification and modeling of key processes insurance, through the stages of analysis, design and construction an information system is created, which can with minor adjustments adapt to any insurance company. PREMIUM coeinsurance has been developed on the basis of many years of experience gained on various markets using innovative technologies. The main features of the system architecture, which translate into high performance of business processes, include multiple layers, process-oriented activities and the automation of process steps while maintaining a high level of customization.

PREMIUM consists of the following modules:

  • Non-life insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Front-end selling insurance
    • Car insurance products
    • Property insurance products
    • Life insurance products
  • Claims, recourses and court cases
  • Reinsurance (passive)
  • Coinsurance
  • Policy tracker
  • Finance and accounting
  • Risk management
  • Premium Survey – subsystem for reporting and insurance supervision