Powerful search and role-based dashboards provide easy and quick navigation through policies. Module supports management of policy stock. Module accurately and promptly recorded the following data:
  • Policies that are received in central warehouse
  • Blocks of policies that are issued to insurance agents
  • Sold policies
  • Canceled policies
  • Lost or stolen policies
  • Devastated policies
  • Policies that are returned to central warehouse

Standard reports generated by this system give a complete insight into the state of stocks of all types of policies. Some of the reports are:

  • Certificate of policies that are issued from warehouse
  • Certificate of policies that are returned to warehouse
  • Stocks of policies in central and branch warehouses, including insurance agents
  • Other reviews on the number of policy at the warehouses

Module logs of every event related to handling documents (policies). The data are recorded for each agent separately, taking information on who issued the policies and when they were issued.