Architecture features

  • Multi-language
    Supported languages: SRB, BIH, CRO, MAK and ENG
  • Security & auditing
    Two-factor authentication (Google and Microsoft authenticators), auditing database accesses, application service calls and sensitive data
  • Database structure
    Relational model, large-scale environments, data growth management, high availability and disaster recovery
  • Multi-currency
    General ledger, accounting and contracts by all international currencies
  • User friendly interface
    User notifications and chats, event-driven application experience, adaptive design to insurer visual standards
  • Document and output formats:
    PDF, Excel, XML and JSON
  • Interoperability
    RESTful API gateway
  • Secure and proven solution
    We provide secure and proven solution in large financial companies
  • The latest technology stack
    Oracle database, Java and Angular