PREMIUM® 100% based on the usage of Oracle technology. PREMIUM Software is an Oracle GOLD Partner – independent software provider.

The system is implemented in a three-tier HW architecture:

  • The first layer – Database server (data and storage procedures), the primary and standby:
    • Operating System (AIX, SuSE, RedHat, Solaris, or Windows Server).
    • Oracle Database Server
  • The second layer – Application Server (business logic)
    • Operating system (Windows Server, SuSe or RedHat)
    • Oracle Weblogic Server
  • The third layer, client layer presentation
    • Operating System – Windows xx
    • Internet browser (Chrome, Microsoft IE, FireFox, Mozila)

Web environment based on Java technology allows you to access the system from any computer. System installation is done exclusively on the application and database server, so that the maintenance of a centralized system.