The Sales module provides all the functionality needed to propel sales process forward and conclude new insurance contracts. It empowers sales force to collect information from leads, prepare non-binding and binding insurance quotes, and issue insurance policies. 
Comprehensive workflow business and validation rules guide agents through the sales process. At the same time, a powerful rule-based underwriting system takes care of risk management, providing quick and seamless automatic approval for straightforward quotes and a detailed manual underwriting dashboard for more complex deals.

The sales functionality is tightly coupled with insurance product configurations. Every sales process reflects the relevant product configuration (insurance documents, workflows, rate rules) and can be quickly and easily reconfigured to reflect new business needs.

  • Non-life insurance


The module allows sale of insurance business records of the following events:

  • Offering insurance products
  • Recording contacts with clients
  • Automatic billing
  • Verification and offer insurance for corporate and SME clients
  • Establishment of policies from the offer
  • Printing policies
  • Automatic invoicing, printing invoices and sending e-mail
  • Monthly premiums
  • Changes during period of insurance
  • Passive reinsurance and coinsurance

The following types of insurance are supported by this module:

  • Insurance of the consequences of accidents
  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Insurance boats
  • Insurance goods transport
  • Insurance property from fire and other hazards
  • Other property insurance
  • Insurance of general liability
  • Insurance loan
  • Insurance financial losses
  • Other non-life types of insurance

The Module supports maintenance of a tariff system, type of insurance premium structure (from the business policy of the society), conditions, methods of insurance, benefits and discounts, the type of damage, damage causes, and so on.

Special-submodules developed within this module:

  • Revolving loan insurance entities
  • Insurance long term and short-term loans of natural persons
  • Home Insurance
  • Insurance Pensioners

Reports on insurance sales

  • Expiration date of the insurance contract
  • Calculated and paid insurance premiums by type, organizational components, categories of clients
  • Review of invoiced and collected premiums on tariff and tariff groups, for individuals and legal entities
  • Review of invoiced and collected gross premiums for customers and contracts of insurance (policies)
  • Written premium of insurance, unearned premium
  • Gross and net premiums, technical premiums, overhead allowance, etc.
  • Portfolio insurance
  • The largest insured
  • Other reports
This is a dedicated sub-system for car insurance which provides support for:
  • Sales policy AO
  • Passenger Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motor vehicles with foreign registration
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Motor vehicle during the test ride
  • Vehicles and chassis during transport to the self-propelling
  • Vehicles during mobilization of the authorities
  • Motor vehicle license plates to test
  • Sales policy AK (Casco)
  • Sales policy ZK (green card)

Module is intended for front-office (business network), while at the headquarters of insurance it is solely the task of supervision. The data recorded in the front office are immediately available to all authorized users of the system. Provided the input and printing policy.

  • Electronic download of data from car services and insurance agents
  • Recording a new client
  • Printing policies
  • Cancellation policy
  • Creation, printing and posting of an invoice for legal persons, booking policies for individuals
  •  Reports
  • Archiving policy
  • Insurance through leasing companies

  • Life insurance

PREMIUM provides comprehensive support for many life insurance coverages. The Module is supported by several sets of database tables to fully define:

  • Products and policies of insurance
  • Prices and tariffs of insurance
  • Mortality tables
  • Clauses of insurance
  • The structure of the front-office network with the appropriate commissions
  • Central database of client’s data for policyholder, insureds and/or beneficary

The module provides support for group insurance through Portal for agents. The Portal allows to manage policies and funds and enables supervision of the entire insurance contract, while providing access to current information about other products, services and offers of the insurance company. This module has fully compatibility with the modul of accounting (general ledger). All financial transactions in this module are simultaneously recorded in the general ledger, so there is no difference between these records.

Module is dedicated to front-office forces, while the head office of company doing supervision of the front-office. Data that are recorded in the front office are immediately available for all authorized users of the system. The data entry and a printing of the policies are provided on pre-defined patterns.

This module enables recording the following business events:

  • Recording of contacts with clients and offering insurance products
  • Creating and recording offers for insurance with automatic tariffing of premiums by all types of insurance and according to pre-designed templates that allow making an offer according to the actuarial methodology
  • Verifications of an offer over a certain limit of risk taken by a competent person in the head office of the insurance company
  • Printing policy and contributions from the offer, as well as archiving them in the system
  • Automatic billing, printing and sending invoices by email
  • Monthly maturity premiums for insurance that are given on the rate
  • Anexes and changes during the period of insurance

Within this module the following main types of insurance are supported:

  • Temporary and permanent life insurance
  • Term, universal, whole life and endowment life insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Travel health insurance
  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Life insurance

Functionalities of module are:

  • The tariff system that includes mortality tables for the geographical area in which the insurance is sold
  • Frequency of payments: monthly, annually or the full amount in advance
  • Dangerous occupations/profesions, anomalous risks, entry age of the insured
  • Questionnaires about the health of the insured
  • Life insurance and survivorship insurance
  • Provision of one and two insurance persons
  • Recording contacts with customers
  • Ad-hoc calculator life insurance premiums on the basis of isured amount and vice versa
  • Verification offer and producing polises from the database of offers
  • Automatic monthly billing, printing and sending invoices by email
  • Changes during period of the insurance
  • The calculation of mathematical reserves
  • Automatically create and send warnings
  • Passivation and reactivation of policies, repurchase of policy
  • Notice of the expiry
  • Calculating commission
  • Regulatory reporting

Module supports a full range of products in the field of life insurance, including individual life/endowment insurance, group life/endowment insurance, benefit and savings insurance, investment insurance (with insurance capital funds, traditional investments), and medical insurance. Examples of products are:

  • One person – in case of death and survival after term of contract („survivorship“), the sum insured for death equal to survivorship
  • One person – in case of death and survivorship, the sum insured for death twice as higher of survivorship
  • One person – “Termfix” in case of death and survivorship, the sum insured for death equal to the survivorship
  • Two persons – for death and survivorship, the sum insured for death equal to the survivorship
  • Two persons – for death and survivorship, the sum insured for death twice as higher of survivorship
  • One person – life insurance only in case of death of the insured
  • Two persons – a lifelong mutual insurance just in case of the death of one insurer
  • One person – a short-term only in case of death of the insured during the term of insurance
  • Two persons – a mutual short-term only in case of death of one insurer during the term of insurance

Reports of the sale of insurance

  • Scadences of insurance
  • Agreed, calculated and collected views of premiums by class of business, organizational units, categories of customers, sales channels, …
  • Billed and paid premiums by tariff groups, branches, agents, customers, contracts, …
  • Contracted, billed, unearned premiums
  • Gross and neto premiums, technical premiums, expenses paid, …
  • Portfolio Insurance
  • Other reports