Regulatory compliance and reporting

Most of the data is automatically filled in from other modules and the remaining data can be manually amended. Reports archived in the system and subsequent changes in the database do not affect the content, but data sent. Each report is an addition to XML forms, available for printing in a PDF or HTML format.

It is a subsystem for management reporting and electronic data exchange with regulatory institutions for insurance supervision, in accordance with the legislation. Each insurance market has distinct regulatory requirements in terms of reporting. This module can be adapted to all the needs of the local regulatory framework.

It comes with two sets of predefined reports:

1. Set of reports for insurance market in Serbia:

  • Monitoring cash flows CF
  • D1 Deposit and investment of technical and warranty reserve
  • D2 Other forms of deposit and investment guarantee reserve established business policies
  • D3 individual deposit and investment of funds to cover technical reserves
  • G1 premiums by type of insurance
  • G2 damage by type of insurance
  • G3 expenses incurred in connection with the resolution and payment of damages
  • G5 Number of members and pension insurance contracts concluded
  • G6 Number of claims and their status of voluntary pension insurance
  • G7 balance of voluntary pension insurance funds
  • G8 age and gender structure of the self-insured pension insurance as of 12/31
  • KA Report on the script. balance sheet assets and vanbil. items of the insurance company to the level of recoverability
  • KB sectoral balance
  • BC Report on bookkeeping account balance
  • L1 Monitoring liquidity indicators
  • PK Quarterly report on consumer credit
  • RI Provision for risk adjustment
  • RS damages reserved
  • S1 solvency margin
  • S2 solvency margin
  • S3 solvency margin – a method of damage
  • SB remaining credit secured loans with the projection of next year
  • SO sum insured loans in the current year by tariffs
  • SR coinsurance and reinsurance
  • T1 premiums by type of insurance
  • T2 damage by type of insurance
  • T3 izravnjavanje Reserves for risks and to participate in the profits
  • T5 realized regresna claims
  • T6 reinsurance premiums by type of insurance
  • T7 balance of voluntary pension insurance fund as of 12/31
  • T8 age and gender structure of the self-insured pension insurance as of 12/31
  • CA View passive reinsurance contract

2. Set of reports for insurance market in Bosnia and Hercegovina: 

4SR Balance items
BS_D Income of balances (Statement of financial position)
BU_D Income of success (Statement of the period)
L1 Report of liquidity ratios
NE1 Outstanding claims – by branches
NEKRETNINE_1 Report on investments in real estate (Building objects)
NEKRETNINE_2 Report on investments in investment property
NEKRETNINE_3 Report on the evaluation of investments in investment property
NSŠ Triangulation
OB_IBNRBRS IBNR Chain Ladder – number of claims
OB_IBNRIS IBNR Chain Ladder – paid claims
OB_IBNRLS IBNR Chain Ladder – liquidated claims
OB_IBNRPM IBNR – Package method
OB_IBNRRS IBNR Chain Ladder – reserved claims
OB_IVPOT Statement of changes in the value adjustments of advances, receivables and loans
OB_KS Qualification structure of employees
OB_LIKV1 Liquidity reports
OB_LNS Report an analytical review of liquidated unpaid claims
OB_MR Report of the mathematical reserves
OB_P Report of the bonus of insurance
OB_P1 Report of the insurance bonus
OB_PAO Report of premium insurance for liability of motor vehicles
OB_PO View of Insurance brokers
OB_POT Report of the age structure of advances, receivables and investments
OB_PZ1 Statement of changes in the Life Insurance
OB_PZ2 Report of the premium life insurance
OB_RIRS View reserved and settled damages
OB_RP Report on recourse claims
OB_RS Report on the structure of gross reserves for damages
OB_RUD Report on reserve for participation in profits
OB_S Report on damages
OB_S1 Report on damages (liquidated, reserved, authoritative)
OB_SAO Report on damage liability insurance for motor vehicles
OB_TP report on the acquisition costs and the state of deferred acquisition costs
OB_TPL Report on transactions companies with related parties
OB_TSO Report on the cost of insurance in the permitted expenses loading in non-life insurance
OB_TU Report of the costs of administration
OB 4 The International Transaction of insurances
P Monthly report for premiums
P-AO Premiums liability insurance for motor vehicles
P-BIH Monthly report for premiums
P1 Insurance premiums
PK_D Capital statement of changes
PO View of intermediaries in insusrance
PSE Printed and downloaded policies of strict records of required responsibility insurance
RP Realized recourse receivables
RS Form Š-M-RS
RTP Calculation of deferred acquisition costs
RTP-TP Deferred acquisition costs that are recognized as the coverage of technical reserves of non-life insurance
RŠ1 Reserves for claims
RŠ2 Structure of gross reserves for claims
TG_D Statement of Cash Flows
TRNŽ Neto technical result of non-life insurance
Š Monthly report for claims
Š-AO Damages in liability insurance for motor vehicles
Š-BIH Monthly report for claims
Š1 Reserves for claims from the previous year, reported damages in the current accounting period and not paid processed claims by the end of the accounting period
Š2 Processing damages in the current accounting period