ABACUS® modules

ABACUS is comprehensive, integrated-yet-modular corebanking solution that caters to all the needs of a modern bank and its multiple business segments.
ABACUS is customer-centric, true real-time, relational database, providing a 24×7 continuous core processing solution – a strategic banking application that supports a wide range of customer, product build, deposit, lending and payment functionality for the retail and corporate banking environment.
Based on Oracle platform, ABACUS architecture supports a component-based business model and is extremely efficient at reusing software components, thereby reducing complexity, maintenance effort and development risk. It offers end-to-end support for universal commercial banks.
Core modules & functionalities:
Customer information System
The CIS is the nucleus of the ABACUS, where all information related to individuals and legal entities is managed.
Robust account management, offering extensive customer positions, product portfolio and business information on customer, his portfolio of products, his relation with third parties (and their restrictions), allowing the bank to have a complete customer view.
Deposits, Current and Savings Accounts
ABACUS supports an extensive range of deposits (saving accounts, chequing accounts, time deposits, under notice, with overdraft capability) in any currency.
All deposit products are defined with the product designer, allowing the banks to design and offer deposit products based on its strategic and operational goals.

ABACUS supports complete life cycle of an extensive range of loan products (corporate, retail, in domestic and foreign currency).
It is a complete loan application processing system, which manages the approval process of the loan. It tracks the progress of application on every stage of the life cycle across different departments and different roles. In all cases loans are accompanied by collaterals and are limited according to a set of structure limits. The bank has an detailed view of its risk exposure with the collateral module that supports any type of collaterals.


ABACUS supports domestic and international payments and incorporates feature forconstructing SWIFT messages that will later be transferred to SWIFT Alliance. It covers an extensive range of all common messages needed, from the day-to-day operation of the banks. ABACUS allows the exchange of information with external systems (third party systems) such as RTGS of central banks, automated clearing house (ACH) systems, cheques clearing systems, etc.
ABACUS enables electronic funds transfer which can support transfers from any type of source to any type of destination at any possible combination of internal and external accounts.

ABACUS teller module is completely integrated front-office transactional processing system.
It fully supports all front-end processes from opening accounts, cash operations and balancing, fund transfer between internal and external accounts, issuing of slips for each event on passbook and laser printers, journal, issuing and printing, etc’¦

Card Management System
ABACUS supports Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and includes interfaces to many different service providers: First Data Bratislava, MasterCard, Visa,  Global Payments Europe – MasterCard, Bamcard BiH, Bankart Ljubljana, Diners

Survey ‘“ Data Mining and Reporting
ABACUS cover a wide range of internal and external reporting (Central Bank reporting). Survey reporting solution, based on the tools and solutions of Oracle and on a robust business model that covers all the information needs of a bank (from a decision support, operational, auditing and risk perspective to external institutions).

General Ledger & Accounting

Risk Management
Risk managment is a special module that includes tracking of assets and liabilities in all areas of business (loans, cards, warranties, other assets, …).



Stock Trading System



  • SWIFT – International payments
  • eBanking
  • ATM/POS Network (SP)
  • PhoneBanking
  • Mobile SMS Devices
  • Western-Union
  • RTGS & GIRO clearing  ‘“ domestic payments
  • State Treasury of Bosnia and budgetary institutions
  • HALCOM – e-banking service provider
  • BTS – stock broker software
  • E-mail, SMS, XLM, …
  • More…