E-CLICK eBanking solution


Some of the key features:
  • Single unified view of the customer’s many relationships with the bank
  • Scalable and flexible to meet the changing demands of the retail and corporate customers
  • Provides banking customers real time access to their relationships with the bank
  • Built on industry-standard platforms Java and XML, the solution is platform independent
  • Interfaced with any core banking solution directly or through industry standard middleware. The system can beimplemented independently of existing core banking solution
  •  High flexibility for customization
  •  Highly secure. It supports different authentication mechanisms and robust security features
  • Production of digital certificates and pin-mailer with 1024 bit protection, which are delivered to the client within one visit to the bank
  • The use of digital certificates issued from other service providers or certification authority (CA), according to the procedure specified by the Bank
  • It does not require the installation of any module at the end user’s workstation. Using this service provides every computer with the digital certificate in one of the media (CD, card, USB memory module, USB tokens)
  • Features of the accounting agencies
  • Multi currency transactions


Palette eBanking service E-Click is made up of 2 sets:
  • Basic Services
  • Additional Services