E-CLICK differentiation compared to the other eBanking solution

In this section enumerated the Top 10 e-Click advantages compared to other solutions on the market:
  1. PREMIUM Software to bank offer eBanking solution based on ‘key and steering wheel in your hands’. The costs to bank is a one-time procurement solutions, and an optional maintenance and procurement of new services. There are no additional conditions, nor the subsequent charges.
  2. Bank receives program source code. This enables to bank independence from vendor of sofware.
  3. Bank effectively in the shortest time limits shall sell e-Banking services to clients. There are no additional technological steps involving PREMIUM Software, or any third parties, except the client and the bank.
  4. Bank can perform segmentation and personalization of services to groups of customers or to individual customers.
  5. Bank is the issuer of digital certificates.
  6. System allows easy transfer of clients from old eBanking solution to this solution. E-Click can use digital certificates and other issuers.
  7. Cost of delivery of digital certificates to customers involves only the cost of the media on which the digital certificate is delivered to the client (CD, USB). The Bank has the original transaction digitally signed by the user of the system.
  8. Minimum of hardware and communication resources that the bank should provide
  9. E-click has a standard set of e-Banking services. An additional set of services can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of banks. Standard and additional services reduce the engagement of back-office services in the bank (e.g. entering payroll orders from customers), which allows further reduction of costs on banks.
  10. Implementing of e-Click as the primary e-Banking solution provides avoidance of additional costs for transactions and pays in full within 6 to 8 months of investment.