E-CLICK additional services

The latest software and security infrastructure of e-Click providing to Bank to implement in the shortest terms additional services. These extra services are delivered on special request of the Bank, implemented in cooperation with the Bank:

Lists of salaries
  • Entering payroll for direct and indirect customers (e.g. budget institutions)
  • Importing files from the client’s system for salary calculation

Suspension of salaries

  • Importing files from the client’s system for suspension of salaries

Blocked Accounts

  • Information of blocked accounts from general ledger of the Bank
  • Entry requirements for blocking of accounts of other clients on the basis of credible judicial and other solutions, which are also provided in the attachment requirements (direct debit)

Transfer to term deposit

  • Transfer from the transaction account to the account of term deposits. The bank may offer certain deposit products through e-Banking

Transfer to overnight account

  • Transfer of funds to overnight accounts after 14.00 (or at other times) and re-disposal from 08.00 the next day

Loan Application

  • Entry requirements for the loan product (commercial or credit card). The client receives a notice that additional documents require. The same can be submitted electronically. Upon approval of the loan, the client automatically receives a notification on which branch to contact, to submit any additional documentation and sign the loan agreement.


  • Transfer to card account
  • Insight in the committed and pending transactions

Standing orders and other charges

  • Option 1 – Client creates a standing order to any account with a fixed amount
  • Option 2 – Bank on the basis of contracts with service providers (e.g. company Telecom) imports orders by clients in e-Banking-in; a client is granted approval on the selected day
  • Option 3 ‘“ Bank issues charges (interest and fees) with one-click option to pay the client’s obligations towards the bank


Custody Operations

Issuing various requests, which are also digitally signed