The seminar was attended by managers from banks, insurance companies, public and private sectors of the economy.
During the seminar, distinguished guests and lecturers presented interesting and current topics in economics, banking, insurance and audit.
Key disparities and sustainable development in the Republic of Serbia: (Prof. Dr Miroslav Prokopijević, Faculty of Economy, Belgrade)
Economic indicators before the election and what awaits new cabinet (Milan Ćulibrk, NIN Belgrade)
Financial stability – makroprudenciona policy (Prof. Dr Periša Ivanović, Banking Academy, Belgrade)
Insurance – new markets and new products (Lea Markštajn Stojanović,General Manager AXA Insurance ado, Belgrade)
Perspectives of trading in Serbia (Siniša Krneta, General Manager Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. Belgrade)
Auditing and regulation (Nataša Vukšić, Ernst&Young, Belgrade)
The seventh anniversary of the company Premium Software is celebrated in the club “Giardino”.
Piece of the atmosphere can be found at this link .